The Life Span of Powder Coating

Compared to other coating and paint options, powder coating has one of the greatest longevity of all coatings. This durable coating can resist corrosion and weathering for 15-20 years, depending on if it was pre-treated properly.

Cleaning and Etching Before Powder Coating

The chemical and physical make-up of powder coatings will keep the items they’re coating well protected, but if the powder coat does not properly adhere to the surface, then this armor is much less effective. To make sure that powder coatings stick to the item’s surface, you must make sure that the item is thoroughly cleaned and etched. This takes off anything that could be on the surface, such as oils, dirt or paint.

If the pre-treatment process is skipped or done poorly, then the coating is significantly more likely to chip or come off due to use. PalmSHIELD offers sand blasting and phosphate etching services to ensure that our projects have a long life span.

Durability of Different Powder Coatings

IronShield offers a variety of powder options, each with their own unique set of properties so the correct one can be used on each project to ensure optimal longevity.

Polyesters – Polyester coatings are the post common powder coatings as they come in a vast selection of colors and finishes. Due to polyester powder’s resistance to UV light, corrosion and chemicals, it is ideal for use both indoors and out.

Epoxies – Epoxy coatings have incredible resistance and durability to rusting and corrosion, but does not have the resistance against UV light. For this reason you should use epoxy coatings on items that will be kept indoors to avoid any deterioration or fading.

White powder coated perforated screening