Why choose powder coating?

Powder coating offers a long-lasting finish that is resistant to scratching, chipping and other wear damage. We offer our powder coating in a wide array of colors as well.

What can IronShield powder coat?

We are able to coat any object that can hold an electrostatic charge, endure the high heat of our oven, and anything that can fit inside our 35’ x 10’ x 10’ oven.

Why choose powder coating over liquid coating?

Not only are the turnaround times faster with powder coating due to the short curing process, but the materials are less expensive and powder coating requires less labor from application.

What finishes do we offer?

IronShield offers both a smooth finish as well as a textured finish.

How long does the powder coating process take?

We can complete a powder coating project in 1 to 2 weeks. Please inquire with one of our project managers for a faster turnaround.

Can a powder coated item have bare spots or multiple colors?

Yes, to both questions. Going one color at a time, we are able to mask off the parts of your piece that you would not like to receive that color. For multiple colors, your item would need to be coated multiple times

Can IronShield work with large parts?

Yes. IronShield boasts a 35’ x 10’ x 10’ oven, so we are able to coat pretty much anything that can fit within our oven.

When should you choose liquid coating?

Liquid coating, or paint, is the right option when the object you want coated cannot withstand the high heats and/or hold the electrostatic charge that are required for powder coating.

What is blasting?

Blasting is process of using small abrasive particles to clean off and sand down a metal surface.

What is etching?

Etching is a form of pretreatment after the item has been rinsed and degreased to help promote adhesion of the powder coating to the slick or metallic surface. Aluminum in particular is difficult to adhere the powder coating to and should always be etched before the powder coating is applied.

What colors can you choose from?

IronShield is able to use any color you desire. Just let us know the RAL number for the color, we’ll order the color and get to work.

Can you deliver my finished product?

IronShield will ship your finished product back to you with our own tractor trailer operation, to ensure nothing gets dinged or damaged on the way back to you. Inquire with a project manager for more details.