About Us

Our History

IronShield is an industrial coatings operation working in cooperation with several custom metals manufacturing divisions.  These manufacturing operations have been producing large mechanical equipment and architectural screening products, commercial railings, gates and metals products shipped throughout the United States for over 50 years.  IronShield provides all the surface preparation and high-end coatings for these products.  Our products have been specified and installed at some of the most visible sites in the US that include MGM Casino, Tesla, SpaceX, NASA, Kirkland Air Force Base, and the College World Series Ballpark just to name a few.  These customers only accept the very best.

Our Brand

PalmSHIELD Architectural Screening

PalmSHIELD is the industry leader in mechanical and architectural screening for rooftops, mechanical screens for HVAC systems, architectural screens for dumpster enclosures, mechanical screening for generators, and mechanical screening for transformers and more.

America's Gate Company

America’s Gate Company builds over one thousand slide gates and over four thousand swing gates each year.  Each and every gate is fabricated to our customers’ unique requests.

The Need

Through the process of preparing and coating these high-end finishes for demanding customers, we recognized the value and importance of an even, durable and reliable coating. IronShield operates out of a 92,000 square foot facility with a 20’ x 10’ x 12’ booth and a 35’ x 10’ x 10’ oven.  We are up to the challenge of coating any item that we can fit inside. All of our work at IronShield is performed in our climate-controlled and clean facility. Our different designated areas for blast, powder and paint booths allow us to complete the process quickly for quick turnarounds for you.

Our Partners

We proudly powder coat all of PalmSHIELD’s architectural screening, mechanical equipment screening and rooftop screen products. IronShield serves large industrial companies down to automobile enthusiasts who may just want to give their rims a new look. With one of the biggest powder coating ovens in the Midwest, we love to provide our services to projects both big and small. We can do an all over coating of one color or multi-coatings applications for a custom look.